How We Work

We Prescribe & Manage Psychiatric Medications

Based in Charlotte, NC, AH Prescribing engages directly with patients to prescribe and manage psychiatric medications, seeking to offer exceptional mental health services focused on symptom remission, recovery and growth. Your personalized psychiatric medication plan is managed by AH Prescribing’s PMHNP (Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner), who works with a board-certified psychiatrist. Every new patient enters the practice with a thorough initial evaluation to help determine if medication is right for you. AH Prescribing treats children, adolescents, teens and adults of all ages for diagnoses including depression, anxiety, OCD, somatic disorders, ADHD, behaviors related to autism, and other mental health conditions. As such, our PMHNP consults with and may refer patients to other medical and mental health specialists to ensure the very best care.  Ready to begin? Please complete and submit the AH Prescribing Welcome Packet


The AH Prescribing approach is about you, an individual patient. We take time to listen and share so our care is tailored to your unique needs and history. The staff at AH Prescribing listens closely to and takes the necessary time to educate, discuss options and recommendations, and answer questions about treatment progress and psychiatric medications. We view every patient – child, teen or adult –  as a unique individual, involving and informing patients (and parents, as applicable) throughout the psychiatric medication treatment plan.


We treat children, teens and adults with diagnoses including depression, GAD (general anxiety disorder), OCD (obsessive/compusive disorder), somatic disorders, ADHD, conversion disorder, bipolar disorder, separation disorder, panic disorder, autism-related behaviors, and other mental health conditions. AH Prescribing patients appreciate the specialized and personal care our small practice provides. Importantly, we find patients experience the best outcomes when our psychiatric medication management expertise is combined with psychotherapy and/or other behavioral or therapeutic interventions.


AH Prescribing follows best practices regarding current psychiatric medication research and evidence-based treatment recommendations. Your psychiatric medication plan is customized to your needs. Our clinicians keep abreast of current research and medical guidelines to offer patients psychiatric medication treatment that represents the most recent scientific evidence with the safest outcomes. Very often, there are subtle variations among medications treating the same condition. AH Prescribing seeks the best science and performance-based treatments.


AH Prescribing engages with patients as part of a holistic treatment team, which also may include psychologists, social workers, counselors and other providers. There are many types of mental health professionals with different expertise, education, licensures and credentials to support your wellbeing. As such, AH Prescribing often treats patients as part of a care team. While medication management is our complete scope, AH Prescribing strongly embraces a holistic care approach. Research consistently shows that many psychiatric diagnoses benefit from combining psychiatric medications with regular counseling or psychotherapy. Presently, AH Prescribing does not offer psychotherapy or other therapeutic modalities. However, we may be a resource for recommendations.


AH Prescribing strives to clarify and demystify therapies so that patients may participate more fully in their healthcare. We are communicators. Mental health conditions can be confusing and stigmatizing. An understanding of how complex psychiatric medications impact the brain and body may be inaccessible to many. AH Prescribing seeks to meet patients where they are, offering clarifying commentary and reading recommendations to foster greater understanding. In this way, every patient fully participates in their own recovery.


AH Prescribing is out-of-network with all insurance providers, including Medicare and Medicaid. The patient’s direct payment to the practice is required.

Private-pay clinics and practices like AH Prescribing do not contract with any insurance companies. This means that the  patient is responsible for paying the full amount due at the time of service. Please see Services and Fees for complete details.

AH Prescribing is happy to provide you with a Superbill containing the elements you need to submit your visits/claims directly to your insurance plan for possible partial or full reimbursement to you. This arrangement is referred to as “out-of-network” care. Policies and processes vary across plans and carriers. AH Prescribing is unable to comment on patient reimbursement eligibility. Please visit the AH Prescribing Library and this informative Fact Sheet to learn more.